Harness the Power of the Unpredictable

A type of digital art using programming and algorithms to autonomously determine certain aspects of the art, Generative Art takes advantage of unpredictability to create remarkable works of art. We utilize it to create art for people to enjoy in a variety of ways.

Be WOWed by Something New

Dynamic color changes, evolving shapes, and beautifully randomized patterns that can only be done digitally; ARTWORKS aims to produce playfully imaginative generative art pieces that move viewers.

Color Everyday Life with Art that Inspires

To increase opportunities to enjoy art every day, ARTWORKS plans to host a premium selection of art goods from everyday items to prints and digital signages. 

Enjoy Art Without Boundaries

With ARTWORKS we want to create opportunities to express yourself through art and enjoy art anytime anywhere.

Generative Art generates your life.

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Create, View, Touch, and Play.
We founded ARTWORKS on the idea to create more opportunities to enjoy art in everyday life.

Currently, this site is a beta version, in which we are showcasing a few of our generative artwork. 
From this day forward we plan to not only introduce new works on our website but also develop a premium art goods service as well as host exhibition events.

At ARTWORKS, we are actively searching for individuals and companies that share our wish to make “art a more part of everyday life, and to bring art to more people”, and are always open for creative collaboration. 

If you have any ideas about ARTWORKS, suggestions for features you would like to see, or just want to learn more please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.